Press Release

It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day in Anaheim, Ca. At the Anaheim Convention Center were gathered 10,000+ people to celebrate the highly successful year of helping people become healthier and wealthier.  Standing before a cheering, throbbing, yelling crowd, Dave S. was announcing this year’s producers and promotions.  Wes Bartell, wearing his famous Hawaiian shirt, with khaki slacks and tennis shoes had met all the requirements for the Crown level of management.

Receiving that award brought new awareness to Wes on how important education about the benefits of organic food was.  His desire to share truly organic, non-GMO products have always been his passion.  His part-time business has given him the income and ability to share these products with everyone he meets.

Wes had been recently retired from corporate life and realized that he needs another source of income to take him through his retirement years.  “With this company, I can do what I want, when I want,” Wes said.  “Whether it is hiking in the hills in California or traveling to other states and other countries to hike or just vacation with a bit of rest and relaxation.”

Wes was accompanied by this wife, children, and grandchildren who had come from various states to celebrate with him on this momentous occasion. 

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