Master Key Experience Week 6

What an exciting week.

Every thought you were going fast and were busy, and then you’re expected to step it up a notch? That’s like going 60 MPH and now you’re doing 75 MPH.

So, what makes this so busy? Let’s look at it this way. Do you like to swim? Remember when you were first learning, most likely in a nice calm pool? You were concentrating on your arm movement and then you remembered you had to kick your legs? About the time your getting it all together, they tell you to stick your head in the water more. Then they took you to a lake where the boats make all kinds of noise and churn up the water and you learn to ride waves. Next, they’re going to take you to the ocean and you’re going to experience the crashing waves and you get in far enough and the gentle waves will lull you into relaxation and your swim is all-natural. Soon, it is like you’ve been doing it forever!

How did all that happen so fast? Yep, you guessed it. First, it was getting your reading OG 3 times a day, then getting your Definite Major Purposes refined, then reading some ancient literature and looking up words that made a lot of sense then but have slightly different meanings today and then putting it back in perspective with the remaining content.

Oh, did I tell you about the vision board? No, they call it something else. What was that? Dream board? Whatever!

Next, put a compass around your neck. Keep focused with a magnifying glass, and read about the person in the looking glass!

I love how this puzzle is coming together. The pieces are fitting so nicely and the metaphors make sense after a while. It is like the dawn; the world revolves so slowly but so expectedly, and we know the light will soon illuminate the world.

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