Master Key Experience Week 7

Visualization is the process of making mental images in your brain and is the key to achieving your goals.

I can’t help but think of the process I use when planning a hike. First I pick out a destination. I want something with a view, like a lake, mountain top, or meadow. I visualize the view, the trail that will lead to my destination. Then I start building on that image I have in mind.

It is my goal to think and visualize where the trailhead is, how I’m going to get to it. Is it going to be on a dirt road or maybe just off the highway? Will there be a nice trailhead sign or will I have to with a latitude and longitude to get there. It reminds me of geocaching. All you have to go on is a latitude and longitude sometimes. Is there a trail or will we have to go cross country? How accessible is the trail? How far will we hike? What do I need to put in my backpack to be safe? What will I do if there is an emergency? Where is the closest medical facility? These questions and more have to be considered and visualized before you even get out of the house.

Once we have our destination and starting point, the next part is to get a map of the trail. Is it going to be strenuous or will it be just a lot of ups and downs? Will the people going with me be able to make it? Are the trail and destination dependent on one’s ability to achieve? Who will be going and what is their experience level?

It is the use of the imagination through the trail guides or previous imagery that creates visions of what we want to accomplish on the hike and then make it happen. Along with focus and emotion, it becomes a powerful, creative tool that helps us achieve what we want in life. When a hike is properly planned and executed correctly it can bring about self-improvement, maintain good health, help you perform well in other sports, and accomplish your goals in life.

This same process should be done with our lives. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? Do we take control of our lives and circumstances or do we let the world dictate to us and take what is given?

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 7

  1. Great job with this blogpost! It’s incredible what visualization can do. Why don’t they teach this out there in schools and homes? I’m so grateful that we are learning now. Keep it up!


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