Master Key Experience Week 8

Just what is imagination?

We image things is our minds, but is it daydreaming or is it an artificial reality?

Daydreaming is a temporary escape from reality by forming mental pictures of things we would rather be doing, or just thinking about something else while we are doing something were should be doing.

Imagination is the force of constructive thoughts whereby we take images from our minds and thinking of ways to make things better, easier, faster, or more efficient. We are still dealing with the present but in a futuristic format. With the movie Start Wars, I can’t help but think of what a vivid imagination it took to produce all the effects, designs, plots, and scripts.

What do you imagine? Maybe you can imagine what it would be like if money were not an issue, what would your life be like? I like to pose this question to people and it is amazing the hear the answers: “I never thought about it.” “It’ll never happen.” “That would be a miracle.”

Asking people the question, If I could show you a system that could provide you with more month then money, you would think that they would say “YES.” However, people today are so beaten down by the system of corporate America, that they seem to have lost the ability to imagine, to dream, to share these dreams, and gradually transform them into physical reality.

So take a moment in your life and answer the question, what would I do if money were not an issue? Would it be family, travel, material goods, philanthropic activities? What if you could concentrate your thoughts and imagination bringing them to reality?

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