Master Key Experience Week 13

Sometimes you don’t have to have a dream to know what you want to do. Sometimes there are opportunities that are available to you that you fall into because you have put yourself in an environment that facilitated what you wanted to do for a living. You just didn’t know at the time, but you were playing according to the rules of life.

Going to high school, we’re often asked what we want to do for a living. This is a hard question due to the simple fact we were living in a time when we had numerous opportunities. Unlike in the movies e.g. October Sky, or Mully, they were repressed with very little hope for future opportunities. In fact, Mully had nothing to go on, but I feel his ability to exist against all odds was phenomenal. The hardships and the need to survive in a hostile environment was amazing.

I truly admire people that have the fortitude to endure hardships, setbacks, and challenges. The degree of hardship often requires an equivalent amount of fortitude. The more struggles we have the harder we have to work. The more challenges we have the number of resources has to increase. The more setbacks we have the more we have to exercise our skills at determining if we are going to be able to recover.

On the other hand, if there are few struggles, challenges, and setbacks, the less action we need to take. I really feel for the kids today who don’t have the problems, the dreams, the desires that other disadvantaged kids have. Take, for example, Prince Harry and Prince William. What dreams do they have? I’m sure their struggles are far beyond their immediate needs. The more the economic needs, the more they can rise.

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